Comment of the Day: Where Will All the Strip Clubs Go?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHERE WILL ALL THE STRIP CLUBS GO? “The city seems to be acting fairly slowly on this (perhaps the right word is methodically). I wonder where these places will migrate to… Unincorporated parts of Harris County? Industrial areas, far from residents, churches, and schools? It seems unlikely that they’ll just disappear.” [RWB, commenting on The Great Houston Strip Club Crackdown]

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  • I know, let’s designate an adult entertainment district! We can mark the area off with different colored street signs. Then we can hire some marketing consultants to give it a trendy two-syllable name!

  • “Boob-Land.” Or “Titty-Town.” Where’s my fee?

  • Art,

    You want us to turn into Nuevo Laredo? Have a Boystown? I much rather the strip clubs sprinkled throughout town.

  • I like Miz Brooke Smith’s idea – then it could be hip and shortened to “BoLa” or “TiTo” Man, I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the first board meeting of the new “TiTo” Management District.