Comment of the Day: Your Basic Housemoving Deal

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOUR BASIC HOUSEMOVING DEAL “We’ll be moving a small house in the Heights off a lot that we are clearing for construction. Basically the removal company pays you $10 for the structure, and after they move it they scrape the lot to a demo standard. So you save the demo costs, maybe $5k, and you recycle the house. The house we bought was the childhood home of the man we bought it from — it had been in the family for decades — so it felt like the decent thing to do; the savings will be used to upgrade my future oven, and not much more, given the cost of building a new house. The movers sell the house for $20k—$30k, maybe more if its in good shape. So as long as their own costs for the demo and the move are less than the sale price, they make out okay. The houses tend to be used as rentals, starter homes, hunting camps, etc. It takes a good deal longer to clear a lot this way compared to a straight demo, and you run the risk that the structure will never sell. But if you have a bit of patience it’s a good deal.” [KG, commenting on Bungalow on the Loose: Duplex Splits West Drew in the Middle of the Night]

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  • Seems ridiculous to relocate a big heavy pile of wood from one spot to another.
    BUT I truly believe there is purpose – Maybe spiritual. Maybe physical. Remember the energy-cycle where none is lost . . . ?
    When I see a rig flying down the highway carrying bagged potting soil I also think it’s ridiculous to relocate a big heavy pile of dirt from one spot to another. But that’s part of our working economy

  • Good condition hardwood pier and beam houses are very durable and often outlast their pine based slab cousins. Saving them from demo allows someone else to enjoy the quality of yesteryear. And it’s a he’ll of alot nicer than living in a FEMA trailer.

  • Incredible cost per SF savings too. I’m moving a house to an adjacent half lot. Once the structure is set up before renovations the cost is $25 SF. Estimated new per SF price is more than $100 sf.