Could Houston Make Like West Virginia and Leave Texas?

COULD HOUSTON MAKE LIKE WEST VIRGINIA AND LEAVE TEXAS? Map of Greater Houston Area per FHWAIn light of the onslaught of global, national, and local post-Brexit musings, Houston Matters’ Craig Cohen takes a listen look this week at a few other breakups of historic proportion (from the Virginia-West-Virginia split, to the quashed but perennially resurfacing attempts to pull New York City out of New York). Cohen and a few other voices then ponder the potential for a Houston exit from the Lone Star state: While the conversation seems to suggest that Houston maybe could make it alone, University of St. Thomas professor Jon Taylor rates the chances that Houston would want to leave the state at a solid inconceivable. And the chances of the necessary state and federal bodies being ready to let go without a fight? Slim to none. [Houston Matters; previously on Swamplot] Map of Houston Territory per U.S. DOE EV Project: FHWA

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  • Now we need to coin a moniker. State is easy: Texit, but swampland only; not so obvious. — Hexit? H-Townexit? Bayounexit? Houstonexit? HouTexit?

  • Rephrase the question to keep “Houston’ as the area inside 610 or inside the Beltway and it makes sense. To include those outlying areas (Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, etc.) that have little in common with Houston is distracting from the idea.