Daily Demolition Report: A Stitch in Tyne

See the kinds of things you can get done when you apply yourself?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1426 Lynnview Dr.: HAR

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  • I love the nothing but exterior shots – particularly the one down the street to indicate “See – there’s ONE other McMansion on this block already…”

  • AND tree pics: Look at what you’ll be removing.

  • What’s a McMansion? Is that a house that you wish you had but know you will never be able to afford?

  • @ alion – In my book, it’s a house built to look as large and fancy as possible, without a whole lot of regard for taste, the surrounding neighborhood, etc. Sort of like the knock off Chinese reproduction sofa sized oil paintings in an ornate, gilded styrofoam frame.

  • Good one Mollusk!!!