Daily Demolition Report: Airline Farming

Picture these. Or rather, picture the absence of these:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2416 Woodhead St.: HAR

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  • anybody know much about that large tract on TC Jester? nice multi-family site. not many in that area.

    3 houses in oak forest for new construction in 1 day. wild. when i’m old and gray, that area will be Bellaire 2.0

  • @HTX Rex: Also interetsed in the large TC Jester tract as I live right behind it. Any rumors swirling out there?

  • Sad to see 1503 Hawthorne slated for demo – it’s a cool bungalow, needs love and money. I have no problem with new construction, but I do have a problem with Croix’s boring, cookie-cutter, 2 story traditional brick boxes – bring on some new builders.

  • I live in the 77092 portion of Oak Forest. Luckily, our brick ranch houses have been spared the wrecking balls hitting on the little bungalows across the bayou.

  • @SFP
    Do actually know that it will be multifamily complex or are you just speculating that it probably will be multifamily?

  • Croix is slowly ruining the neighborhood’s look with the cheesy/cheap looking designs.

  • I know. Same purchaser as Chateu Greenbriar.

  • Kaplan is building apartments there

  • It’s surprising that SFHs can be bought and knocked down in Houston and rebuilt at a profit. It would seem the land price would make it hard to do.

  • @marcy, i think they let the owner get out before the wrecking ball hits. unless by luck you mean as-built circa 1947. a bungalow is cute on a 5000 square foot lot in montrose, but it’s an “opportunity” on a 7500 square foot lot in oak forest.

  • Has anyone heard of this “The District at Washington” that was torn down on t.c. jester being a nuclear dump site? I heard that from a nearby resident. Western Geophysical supposedly owned it. I was wondering if this was a fact, and if so, how are they able to build apartments there?

  • Cindy, that’s incredibly, incredibly, unlikely, unless somebody did some serious remediation before any building. No profit-seeking organization would be stupid enough to try to conceal a nuclear dump and then build apartments on top of it.

    But if anyone were concerned, a simple Geiger counter survey would be pretty easy to do.

  • its going to be a huge apartment complex built. small one and two bedroom apartments. the design and details are in the chron