Daily Demolition Report: Battles of San Jacinto

4002 Grennoch Ln., Ayrshire, Houston

Bye, Bye, Milby High. See you again real soon.


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Photo of 4002 Grennoch Ln.: HAR

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  • How do you find out sales prices of houses. The Grennoch house is nearby and I may be in the market to sell too…

  • Colleen, if you live in Braes Heights or Ayrshire, my husband and I are actively looking for a house in the area. If you would like to sell, please send us information on your house. My email is CSB3726@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  • @collen it was on the market for 76 days. Sold for $450,000.00 or $234.00 sqft all cash sale.

  • @Colleen: you can get fairly accurate MLS info at homesnap.com. They show Grennoch selling for $450k.

    339 W. 23rd is a crime. That house was full of mint condition woodwork, transoms and was a classic bungalow in excellent condition. It was on a 9000 sq ft lot and will probably be chopped up into 3 shoulder to shoulder town homes.

  • @colleen if you read the BPHA newsletter one of the local realtors typically a listing of recent transactions in their ads. Not perfect but should give you an idea if you don’t want to tie yourself up with a broker.

  • @Old School, why stop at 3? I bet you could squeeze at least 5 onto a 9000 sf lot.

  • @Google Master: Yes, they could.

  • Thanks all. I do look @ the Sentinal and do get notices from realtors so I know generally what the prices go for. Just more curious since I’m probably in the market to sell soon. I just have to figure out where to move to! Some place cheaper out in the hinterlands (I’ll miss inside the Loop!) Christine, I’ll make note of your e-mail. I’m assuming our 50 plus year old house would be a tear down.

  • @ Colleen, we are looking to buy a well maintained rancher and not a mcmansion, so please keep us in mind if and when you do decide to sell. Thanks!