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  • Also in that area, it looks like the awesome long yellow house at the corner of Maple and 610 is about to be demo’d. The trees are wrapped and there’s a dumpster by the pool.

    I’ve driven by it for 27 years and knew that the land (40K SF) and location would eventually get the family an offer whether they wanted it or not. It always looked like a neat storybook oasis in the city. I hope they got what they needed. Or maybe, it’s the next generation keeping the land in the family and building someting new. I’d love if that were the case.

    Semi-related — does anyone know what’s going on with the other homes that have been for sale (for $1-3 million) on that block? Is a developer angling for them for multi-family or is that no-go in Bellaire? The lots are enormous.

  • Heidi, do you remember all the years that yellow house had a space capsule in the front yard? It was such a neat complement to the swimming pool with twisty slide in the back.

  • Sorry, Miz Brooke Smith, but the space capsule was never there, 4801 Maple. Instead it was one or two blocks north, 4801 Holt or 4801 Holly.