Daily Demolition Report: Beverlyhill Bullies

Here come the replacements.



Photo of 2421 Morse St.: HAR

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  • Guess Morse’s granite countertops didn’t do a lot for it.

    Not that I’d particularly want that house either. They really should have taken the furniture out of the living room instead of advertising that it’s impossible to move around in it.

  • Just an obervation: almost every teardown pictured lately has an italianate townhome or house behind it. Is stucco the new grim reaper for Houston real estate? I mean, it’s not as bad of an omen as the angry french fry, but seems to be more prominent as of late.

  • …The Angry French Fry? I am fascinated, please elaborate.

  • @ Spoonman. Angry French Fry=crazy cartoon of the Ashby high rise that freaks out my two year old every day when we drive by all the signs. She’s also observant enough to notice the spray painted pink “NIMBY” and “Sore Loser” and asked me “who colored on the monster?”

  • I don’t like the stucco trend either, but I’ll take it over corregated metal any day.

  • I hate to see those brick bungalows go. The brick makes them monumental no matter how small they are. There are a couple of fine examples in Brooke Smith, and one is planted with magnolias and cypresses in front.

  • Yup, happening all over 1st ward. The worse part is when the developers mix it up with hardiplanks. Not only do they mix it with hardiplanks, but spread the hardiplanks from end to end with no overlap. Making them look like trailer homes turned up high. Maybe the developers are trying to keep a little bungalow in their design, Ha!

  • Driving around just yesterday in “transition neighborhoods” in many parts of the City I was horrified to see so many “stucco” monstrocities. I am saddened to think that they will be staring out blankly for so long.

  • Houston developers are morons. Every neighbourhood is turning into some denser form of crap suburbia. Keep the old stuff, it’s beautiful and stop destroying our city.