Daily Demolition Report: Birdsall Leaving

1619 Shearn St., Baker NSBB, Houston

Flowers and homes smell best when they’re freshly cut.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1619 Shearn St.: HAR

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  • I noticed they were doing work there- thought it might be a remodel.
    Anyone know what’s going on there? Great location.

  • ^^^^ Talking about the apartments on W. 11th

  • The demo on 11th is for this:


    First big ground up big multifamily project for the group that has done a bunch of nice redos of old garden style complexes in the Heights. The property will have the additional perk of having the hike and bike trail connected to the Heights by the time the apartments are completed.

  • Lightspeed is either cleaning up or cleaning out another complex just up the road from this on W TC Jester. Last time I saw their website it had renderings for new construction, but now I don’t see any info on it at all.

  • Lighthill will go belly up. They stay around by getting new people in the fund. They’ve over paid for every place they’ve bought and piled in way too much on a per unit basis. They run stuff based on the “I want cool units” school of investing with no regard for making money. They have nice units and do good work, no doubt. But anyone can do that if they throw enough money at a building. So as a neighborhood we get nice new units (good) but the investors will never see a profit.

    Thank you lighthill! I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing. And I’m glad I don’t have to foot the bill.