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  • Aw. 919 Walling was fun.

  • Someone had a lot of fun with this house! Hope they save the yard art.

  • I like the decor more than the lawn art.

  • And it’s in Tampico Heights….didn’t we all just know that once the new neighborhood name got some notoriety the clunky townhouses would move in and all the color and fun that prompted such a name would start getting erased….{sigh}

  • LOVE it !!!! Thank Goodness for thinking outside of the box. Instead of the safe,boring,cookie cutter boxes all across America …

  • Drove past today, but it’s kindling now. What’s going in? Maybe 2 3-story stucco residences?

  • LMFAO!!! That’s my “wonderfully intelligent” ex wife’s house”

  • Awwww man. I actually inquired about this house. I totally would have lived there for the asking price.


  • We dreamed of living in it. I can’t believe they tore it down. :(