Daily Demolition Report: Class Cleaners

Time to get the demo machine in gear! A few businesses, a few homes . . . ready to grind:


Commercial Structures


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  • Does anyone know what’s going up on the Good Neighbor Health Care lot?

  • i just called good neighbors, and they are no longer at the location, so hopefully something good will go there. there are several good sized lots there. if they knock down those damn pawn stores, that stretch on gray has some real potential.

  • Dumb question about the Good Neighbor care center — why does it have “Fairgrounds Extension” affixed to the address above? Did that area use to be part of a fiarground?

  • I think the extension was just to the south of the fairgrounds – in the map linked below (c. 1920), the “Exposition Grounds” were between the bayou and W. Dallas (which was San Felipe back then).