Daily Demolition Report: Clearing Upper Harvard and Yale

2203 Looscan Ln., River Oaks, Houston

Just making way for the next regeneration.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2203 Looscan Ln.: HAR

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  • Ugh, who would tear down this beautiful house! Houston has zero concept of preservation, it’s really a damn shame.

  • $2mil listing, and the realtor couldn’t figure out how to not take a picture of herself reflected in the bathroom mirror?

  • Typical Houston.

  • The listing agent for that house on 2203 Looscan Ln is Texas Anderson. Is that Wes Anderson’s mother?

  • Wow… that house is beautiful and I’m sure whatever replaces it won’t do it justice. WOW

  • I’m not sure the “white” house is in the heights; does not seem to go with the headline in any event. The Upper Harvard houses being cleared are north of the loop and that’s a distressed area; a cluster of properties is on the list. Is re-development pushing east of Yale / north of the loop?

  • There is no understanding, or appreciation of, beauty and longevity in this town. A $2 million tear-down? Where else does this happen?

  • So much that could be saved from this home. Those front columns, for one. The wrought iron, the doors with glass doorknobs, the chandeliers. The master study used to be a dressing room. Has the old drop-down ironing board. Just a shame. Granted, it’s not flashy and gaudy like the new McMansions, but it still has so much character.

  • I think the Harvard properties are due to Booker T. Washington High School construction.

  • Greg, headline does not always reference photo in daily demolition report.

  • The photo is of 2203 Looscan.

  • Yes, Texas Anderson is Wes Anderson’s mother.