Daily Demolition Report: Colquitting Time

738 W. 43rd St., Garden Oaks, Houston

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

When you’re all going down together it lightens the memory pain.



Photo of 738 W. 43rd St.: HAR

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  • St. Thomas expansion continues!

  • So glad to see the large house on West 43rd go. Its been a blight to the neighborhood for years. Despite, it being really ugly.

  • Sad to see that Colquitt place getting the axe.

  • Is the property listing for the place on 43rd supposed to be a joke?

  • Ryan – it used to be different and more… Honest

  • OK — now i’m intrigued.

  • That place on 43rd sits on a nearly 41,000 square foot lot. Looks like it sold in the half millionish range. I’d actually call that a bargain for that much land in Garden Oaks. Will be interesting to see what goes in. Hopefully something tasteful.

  • 7200 – 7800 lots with “tear downs” are happening in Oak Forest for half of what the 43rd Street property went for (it it was a half a million). 41K is a huge lot – even if you buy 2 adjacent “regular” lots in the area you can’t get something that big.