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  • “… if we’re going to make room for those millions of newcomers moving to Houston.”

    You meant this tounge-in-cheek, right?


  • Somebody seems to think there are millions on the way here. I wonder if all that movement will cause the Earth to tilt.

  • Down goes another home in the Heights. People will bark, but in the end some builder will put something up that a family can actually live in.


  • My family is in the process of renovating this Bungalow. We are keeping the existing structure and adding more square footage. We are adamant that the house to continue to be an arts and crafts bungalow, and the builder is doing a great job. And as a longtime HOUSTONIAN, I wouldn’t consider myself a “newcomer”

  • Way to go Kathy! As a Heights resident, I really appreciate what you are doing.

  • Thanks Emme, you’re invited to the open house when it’s complete!