Daily Demolition Report: Creekside Getaway

716 E. 24th St., Sunset Heights, Houston

A collection of buildings on Kirby Dr. get ready to go down. We also let loose on a couple schools.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 716 E. 24th St.: HAR

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  • I should know better than to click on the Demo List in the morning. It just depresses me for the rest of the day. That 24th St. house was cute! Yes, it’s only 1288 sf, but I have single coworkers who have purchased small houses just like that in that vicinity, so there is a market for people who want to buy and live in them. Unfortunately, the ticky-tacky-townhouse developers have deeper pockets filled with all cash.

  • Sucks, that place on e 24th was a perfectly nice little bungalow. Time to scrape it and cram in a 1mm lot filler.

  • re: GoogleMaster

    There is a powerful tool at your disposal. Do you know about the chapter 42 (min lot size) ordinance? See http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/DevelopRegs/dev_regs_links.html

    Chapter 42 kills townhouses on contact, so organize your neighbors today. You need a petition with a majority of homeowner’s signatures for a given block. It helps to have an overwhelming majority for quick approval, but it’s not necessary to have 100%.


  • Holden Elementary is on W 28th, not W 18th.

    The house on 24th was in excellent condition. According to homesnap, it sold for the asking price of $429k. There are a lot of people looking for bungalows who would be willing to put up that kind of money. Sadly, someone wanting the lot won.

    It is getting pretty obvious where the historic district lines are drawn in the Heights as redevelopment has reached a fever pitch. I was driving down one of the N-S streets that is just outside the HD the other day and it was a complete architectural freak show.

  • @GoogleMaster

    Sigh…me too.

  • Re: the 24th St. house – I can’t believe land is going for $75/sf in Sunset Heights now.

  • As a Sunset Heights property owner.. we really should get min. lot size restrictions going. Townhomes have largely stayed West of Yale and to the former Alamo elementary plot, and most redevelopment has been reasonably tasteful large SFH in place of poorly maintained property (good), however it would be nice not having to worry about the risk.