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  • Another one bites the dust.

  • I took 21 minutes of footage of the house demolition pictured at the top, the 332 E 25th St and sped it up at a rate of 2X, which made it only 10 minutes, and posted it on YouTube. It was sad to see such an old house demolished, but I can tell you this house was falling apart.


  • You can tell the roof wasn’t in very good shape when a huge pile of dirt falls out when the gutter gets ripped off. Cool video.

  • @Spoonman: Did you notice not only the complete lack of insulation but the entire roof had no cross beams? The bulk of the weight of the roof looked like it was resting on chimney bricks from a chimney, however, the home had no functioning fireplace in side and there was no fireplace out the roof. The functioning aspect of the chimney had apparently been eliminated in a prior fix-up but the bricks remained – and were holding up the roof.