Daily Demolition Report: Crushing Skeeters

303 Peden St., Montrose, Houston

Just smash the little things. Then find someplace to wipe off your hands when you’re done.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 303 Peden St.: HAR

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  • Wow. Cool house on Peden going down. That would be a great place to fix up. However I can just imagine the red tags that would come flying the second you bought that to fix up. *shudder*

  • I agree, It is a cool building, it would be nice to fix up. I live about a block away and ride past this place all the time. This was a rental before, most likely a quadplex, looked like a frat house.. The biggest eyesore is the building across the street, its residential/ commercial. Has an old taqueria or burger joint on taft, behind the dry cleaners. Im just waiting for that place to be torn down.