Daily Demolition Report: Deeply Rooted

517 Louisiana St., SSBB

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Two historic downtown buildings and their early Houston hidden pecan tree get their final permitted farewell.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 517 Louisiana St.: Capital Realty Group

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  • F the Lancaster. They are dead to me.

  • Tearing down what little history we have left. F’in shameful.

  • What a completely unnecessary demolition. Why can’t the Lancaster wait a few more months and use the huge parking lot that will be available once the Chronicle building is demolished? Those old buildings could have been adapted into something really nice.

  • Where are all the hipsters applauding yet another “old building” being demolished to make way for “progress”?!?!?

  • While sympathetic to preservation in general, it just seems the chance for saving these properties was lost a long time ago. The accompanying picture makes the case. Look around the corner on Prairie between Main and Travis. Most of the block is intact. The remainder at least has a nice fountain feature. Preserve what’s left of that. (None of this is an argument to take out the tree :)

  • They gave a little bit of feel, a bit of depth and realness to this corner of downtown. They will be missed.

  • @Texmex01 I sense your sarcasm, but I don’t think you quite get what a hipster is…

  • In many cities they require the facade to be preserved and rebuild the interior, it just costs more. Surprised Lancaster who works so hard to preserve its exterior and interior boutique hotel status has not chosen to do this. But then again this is Houston so not surprised at all. History repeats itself… conquer, destroy, rebuild, and forget the past.

  • The Lancaster is a fraud. They stand for nothing. I hate Houston today.

  • The fact that they are legally allowed to do this really bothers me. I always compare our downtown to say, NYC, or boston, although we aren’t on their level as far as historical architecture goes, we never will be if we continue to allow this to happen. Sad day for downtown houston, I’ll be sure to never send my clients to this hotel Or restaurant.

  • don’t hate Houston because of what the Lancaster did.

  • Don’t hate Houston for being Houston. Let a playa play.