Daily Demolition Report: Demolishing the Dome

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Built in 1965, destroyed in 2010. A Houston landmark sends out its last transmission.


Commercial Structures


Photos of Transmission Dome: WayTru (exterior) and Secret Squirrel (interior)

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  • Ha! My stepdad’s cousin used to own that place.

  • I always wondered what that thing was.

  • There used to be an abortion clinic just next door to it for years. That whole area west of there has kinda gone sour even tho just across the street is a fenced neighborhood.

  • Was it originally built as a car repair facility?

    I mean, I guess that’s what the “transmission” refers to. I’ve gotta give Gus credit, that is a heart stopping headline.

  • That was funny!

  • It sent out its last “transmission” because it used to be
    a transmission repair joint. It was built in the afterglow of the Astrodome. There were a number of “dome genre” buildings built in the sixties because of the excitement that the Astrodome created. Judge Hofheinz was a GREAT TEXAN!
    Anyone remember the faux dome inside the chinese restaurant on Main St. across from what is now St. Luke Medical Tower?

    Sad to see the “last transmission” from this old dome . . . very funny writing by the way . . . I usually get a laugh from
    the demo writing! Thanks.

  • I love this homage to THE ‘Dome and am sorry to see it go.
    I wonder if the ‘eighth wonder’ was on the drawing board today, would every strip mall jump on that theme?

  • Where’s the Heights Cult when it comes to preserving old buildings like this???

  • We should probably save it in case Houston needs to provide emergency shelter to an uprooted group of hurricane-displaced little people.

  • Surprised someone doesnt snap it up for a roller rink or ultimate fighting venue. Thunderdome!!!

  • From Bernard:
    Where’s the Heights Cult when it comes to preserving old buildings like this???

    It probably needs to be in the heights, then, don’t you think, for the “Heights Cult” to get involved? I mean, if the “Heights Cult” is not to permitted to comment on the “Heights Walmart” because the “Heights Walmart” is not technically within the Heights, then the “Heights Cult” would be, literally, “out-of-bounds” trying to save a structure on Chimney Rock.

  • Oh no, not the Transmission Dome! That always made me smile when I went past it.

  • SL, that whole neighborhood is an ultimate fighting venue already.

  • My Dad use to Manage that shop in 2006 to 2007 and also in the past as a Transmission Builder. He Work for the guy that owned it name Archy.