Daily Demolition Report: Denver Subtraction

That Pizza Hut tower at the corner of Chimney Rock and W. Bellfort loses its toppings. Idylwood stirs. And Tanglewood thins itself out. Read all about it, between the lines of our daily report:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 6725 Meadowlawn St.: HAR

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  • Is this the Pizza Hut, or the God-forsaken Westbury Centerette right next to it? The Pizza Hut and the AutoZone are actually what needs to stay at that corner. Everything else is a wasteland. I’ve never understood why that corner hasn’t been redeveloped yet. I can’t believe the surrounding neighborhood can’t support something useful. Even the Discount Tire a block away is decent.

    And what’s up with the home on Chimney Rock across from the giant tank? It’s been for sale for years. This little area is cursed.

  • I live in Idylwood and this house, however cute, was trashed–foundation, floors, and all the major systems…shot. The couple who are building on the site are going to put up a bungalow that I gather will fit with the neighborhood and conform to the deed restrictions.