Daily Demolition Report: Down on Easy Street

Memories of redevelopments past at Woodway and Voss, plus a little clearing action from down in Lancaster Place:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 6315 Hamman St.: HAR

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  • Does anyone happen to remember what used to be in the Woodway & Voss shopping center, before it was a Michael’s? It looked like it used to be a grocery store, at some point.

  • KC – Are you sure you’re thinking of the same shopping center? This is the one that’s across from Randalls on Voss. It had a Chipotle in there for awhile, but it’s pretty much been a refuge for homeless folks for at least the past year. Was there a Michael’s there once upon a time??

    Dying to know what they’re going to turn it into. Husband and I like to play the imaginary ‘what-i’d-build-if-it-were-mine’ game all the time…

  • Yes, the one across from the Randall’s. The Chipotle used to be a Skeeter’s for several years. The Michael’s was the “anchor” of the center until it relocated to Westheimer and Voss. There was an Antone’s on the opposite end of the center from Chipotle that had been there forever until it closed and became a Droubi’s that lasted about 2 weeks.

    The site was originally going to be a high-rise catering to seniors. That fell through and then it was going to be townhomes, but that didn’t pan out either.