Daily Demolition Report: Edna St. Mince and Malaise

Tired of all that house chopping? You can cross these off your list:



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  • …always hate to see a house in River Oaks go down, but I try and reserve judgement. There may be a lot more to the story than just “me tear down house, me build big house”, namely mold, rotted core infrastructure, who knows. Also, and call this foolish, but I have more faith in the RO crowd to build something in its place with a little style and feel. If I see triangulated tops and turrets, I shake my head but acknowledge people’s right to do with their property as they see fit.

  • jg, I agree with you, the “RO Crowd” does build mamoth houses with little style and feel. :-)

  • Best. Headline. Ever. Very cute. Left me wondering where Edna Saint Street was…doh!

  • Totally agree with SevenFourteen!

  • May I third that?