Daily Demolition Report: Erasing Matisse

So much going away so fast. How can we possibly take it all in?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1320 Du Barry Ln.: HAR

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  • Whats going on at 1612 Fannin down town, the old doctor building across from the Houston house apartments? there is a escavator on site now tearing it down.

  • Castilian on 34th has been coming down in bits and pieces for several weeks. Its definitely time to see some improvement on that block.

  • That’s a sizeable chunk of 34th St frontage. About 130,000 s.f. if I’m reading the maps right. According to HCAD, the Hare Krishnas own all those addresses.

  • And more carnage on Du Barry Lane. At this rate, it’s going to be a totally different neighborhood in a year.