Daily Demolition Report: For Whom the Bellflower Tolls

2077 S. Gessner Dr.

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Crime Stoppers is starting over, plus an assortment of other erasures to examine.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2077 S. Gessner Rd.: LoopNet

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  • Does anybody know what’s planned for 2077 S Gessner? Bracing for another apartment complex…

  • there seem to be an increasing number of tear downs in Meyerland. I assume this is a result of the spring floods (that area was increasing in knockdowns before that too though).

  • I dont know whats planned but if it turns out to be a apartment complex we can only hope that some of the older apartments in the area start to become demo targets.

  • @htownproud — I’d say yes. A lot of folks that had their homes paid for didn’t have flood insurance, from what I recall of news coverage at the time, and with the costs required to build up vs. a straight rebuild, they’re taking the value of the lot and going. Different scenario from Allison when several were able to rebuild and stay, which is a shame. Drove through there one night last week and it was dark/like several homes were still empty.