Daily Demolition Report: For Whom the Bellfort Tolls

AMC’s Meyer Park 16 movie theater isn’t listed on the demo permit, but its address is. But will the new Kohl’s be open in time for the Oscars?


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of Parking Lot in front of Meyer Park 16 Theater: Swamplot inbox

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  • The AMC parking lot has already been fenced in, busted up, and carted off in last week or so. I will be very happy to have Kohl’s nearby.

  • Wow, glad they’re tearing down the theater. Hopefully Kohl’s will help that shopping center a bit. We went to that theater to see Batman Begins (I think?) and it was incredibly nasty. I think I sat on the edge of my seat with my feet off the floor the entire time.

  • great, another big box retail store! Glad they’re building something new instead of occupying one of the many vacant spaces in that center.

    so much for my idea of turning the AMC into an Alamo Draft House type theater.

  • @Matthew – amen brother – I had been hoping that Alamo Draft House, Studio Movie Grill or Movie Tavern would open up at Meyer Park for years. If they can put a Movie Tavern at Richey Road and I-45 almost in Greenspoint, then surely Meyer Park is a more than acceptable location???

  • Aww, man. I remember when that theater opened. The idea of 16 screens under one roof boggled the collective mind of me and my friends. We used to ride our bikes there from Bellaire to see cheap matinees and play Bad Dudes in the lobby. Good times.

  • @Matthew and subprimelandguy
    That’s a really good point. I hadn’t even really thought of that. I grew up in Pearland, when every week we had news of a new store opening up near us. I would like to share the blame for my less-than-progressive thought on that fact if at all possible :-)

  • I went on my first date to that theater in 1990. It was so nice then. What a crappy place now. It did not age very well.

  • That was the BIGGEST deal when it opened in (I think) ’86- the first really huge multiplex anywhere near downtown- by the mid 90’s it was already going way down… – DB

  • When that theatre opened it was the biggest in Texas, if I recall correctly. It was amazing even though, at the time I think it only had 14 screens. Two were added on later. It definitely did not age well.

  • When I was younger the Meyer Park AMC use to be the hang out spot for my friends and I.

  • I remember when AMC Meyer Park opened; it was a big deal, and we started going frequently. I last went by that shopping center about a year ago, and it has really declined. Sad…

  • I spoke to the property manager for Meyer Park and they wouldn’t give me any information on what they’re doing other then removing the AMC and putting in a large retail store. They also said they are building up the parking lot for pad sites for more retail stores. They wouldn’t release any site plan or details.

    This will be another lost opportunity to redevelop an area that needs it and make it a more walkable complete site. I’m sure it will have more new individual pads that are surrounded by parking spaces. Suburban design in an area that needs new urban policies.

  • I thought it would make a good mixed use age restricted community.Build apartments on the back side.With Luby’s,Walmart,the grocery store and numerous other retail stores within easy walking distance it would be ideal for seniors.Not to mention it’s proximity to Bellaire,West U and the medical center.Of course you would have to triple security.

  • I hope there are not any more appartments, or houses coming to that area. I too had tought about it as converting to an Alamo theater, specially since the one on West Oaks should be closing soon after the opening of the big AMC over there. We certainly do not need another Kohls in the city. They sell cheap stuff very overpriced so that their sales make it looks like you are getting a bargain. I certainly wish that they would demolish that awful, really bad WalMart and make something nicer. Not a big fan of WalMart any ways. I’ve also heard that an Academy was coming, but I asked at the Academy on 59 & Shepperd and they said up until now it is not in the plans, there is no mentioning of it either on their website. Only Kohls and Luby’s and I certainly hope that they do not build any more places for lease that are going to end up being dry cleaners, nails & facials, dentists, eye doctors, and a donut shop, because we have enough of those at every single strip mall in the city.
    I also wish that Randall’s would not smell like rotten meat all the time, which is the reason I don’t go there. And now the Target on Meyerland is more like a Super Target, so I certainly hope they do something worthwhile on Meyer Park.
    I think tearing the theater appart and not building a new one is a mistake. The only theater inside the city is the Edwards at Weslayan and we have to pay parking. Certainly having a good theater in there, with enough lights in the parking and enough security would be a fabulous idea. Hopefully they will thing about it and built a new one that should last more than 15-20 years. Thas is a shame.

  • I agree with you Kohl’s is a low end store and will add to attracting the same trash that frequents Wal-marts in addition to traffic congestion. We were better off when the theatre stood vacant instead of the demolition. What a shame for the adjacent subdivision.

  • It’s will be a wal-mart suppercenter. This wal-mart now is way to busy not to have a super center. They didn’t have the space when they built the first one, so now they can make thier move. I think that is why we haven’t heard anything, the silent type. Talk softly an carry a big stick. After the Kohls and Wal-Mart Super Center is build we’ll all need a big stick and a couple more guard dogs around the house or demolish the ove pass at Main St.

  • where did you hear it was a wal-mart super center?

    why would you build a Kohls and a super center next to each other at the same time?

    why would the developer want to put in two large stores that both sell low end junk? the market demand for that can’t be that high in that area.

  • Not is this true check it out for yourself. Not only a Kohls and a Super Walmart they will be building a high rise for senior citizen where the old Walmart is now. Secrecy
    is the answer to all great things.

  • check it out with who? who’s spilling the beans on what’s going in?

    hard to believe that will all the anti wal-mart folks out there one could be built without anyone knowing.