Daily Demolition Report: Game Over

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Bending over backwards to give you the score on all the latest home thrashings:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1801 Binz St.: HAR

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  • Awww. I love those apartments. Make way for the next Mock Mediterranean Monstrocity!

  • yes, where WILL you get your next oxy fix from? Come on…

    i make a point to always shake my head at the regular Tanglewood tear-downs, never sure how the originals were so abomidable. that’s a really nice address, there, specifically. some day they will run out of tanglewood lots, then what?

  • I took the time last week to drive most of the streets in Museum District. I was pleasantly surprised at both the amount and quality of recently completed and ongoing construction. ByeBye, 1801 Binz. I look forward to your replacement.

  • Looking at the map to see just where the Binz apartments were and learned something new. I didn’t know we had a Weather Museum.

  • The house on Nashua is now a pile of rubble. Another Timbergrove ranch bites the dust. Another 10 years, and we will be just like Bellaire or West U.

  • I know snark is all the rage darlings, but just because I think of something as a cute, affordable apartment for working people, does not mean I need an OXY fix. I don’t understand why people have to tear down every comment, as if they are some superior being. Maybe they are, looking down from the terrace of their ugly a@@ townhome at the common folk below.

  • I agree. I like this old style of apartment. There’s a similar one at the corner of Bolsover and Ashby. Of course, cities change and evolve and owners of properties can make decisions about their own property. But those of us who like certain older structures can express our disappointment at their passing, no?

  • Then you should have bought it! Just kidding. :-)

  • mel, I plan to throw the “buy it then” argument at every anti-preservationist who whines about the March of Progress embodied by restaurants/bars that allow dogs on the patio.

  • I am sad to see 1801 binz go, I do not look forward to the new 6 story monstrosity shadowing my apartment. stopparcbinz.org