Daily Demolition Report: Gone Underground

Yes, we’d like fries with that.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 866 Myrtlea Ln.: NuHabitat

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  • So what’s with the demo of Mickey D’s on Elgin across from the UH campus? I thought it was doing pretty well at that location.

  • Yeah, McD has been there a loooonnnggg time. Are students not going there any more? I spent the 1979 (Alvin) flood there. 8 hours @ McD on Elgin until the flood waters receded. BTW, McD gave NOTHING away for free. Not soda, not coffee and definitely not food. And there were a lot of us stranded. In the days before cell phones they were really pissy about letting any of us use their phone too.

  • I think the McD is being rebuilt.