Daily Demolition Report: Hackneyed

A little re-grilling for the Washington Ave McD’s. And time to grind a few burgers from these:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 735 Rutland St.: HAR

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  • I remember the listing photos for 735 Rutland. It’s a wonderfully quirky artist’s bungalow with funky details inside. It’s a damn shame that it will probably be nuked to build another shitty stucco box.

  • What are they doing with the Mcdonald’s? Are they just building a newer one?

  • JRK: I guess no one wanted it to live in when they listed it :(

  • Amen brother on the bungalow. I’d hope so that Mickey D’s is far too busy for it’s size. Not that I eat anything but breakfast there.

  • The owner of the funky bungalow probably had to move due to his outrageous water bills once they pounded him with the impervious surface tax.

  • That McDonald’s is always crowded. I drive past it on my way to and from work everyday — morning and night, there’s a line of cars in the drive-thru! I passed by this morning, not having realized beforehand that it was being demolished.