Daily Demolition Report: Half Timber

Hooked ourselves a big one. Pull!


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2454 Pine Valley Ct.: HAR

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  • So, did the 8.5 mil demo on Willowick now give cover to all the other RO residents to blow up their houses? This one is only 3.5 mil-ish: http://www.har.com/HomeValue/2454-Pine-Valley-Ct-Houston-TX-77019-M97016644.htm, so it really seems like a shotgun shack in comparison. I can certainly understand how a 1930s classic mansion of a mere 4000 sq feet is incompatible with the lifestyle of todays modern bizzillionaire and must be torn down.

  • Unbelievable. That Pine Valley house was a classic beauty and very well loved. More money than sense.

  • Hopefully, some of those features will end up at Habitat ReStore. The marble counters, doors, clawfoot tub, cabinet doors, and all that flagstone. The casement windows are great for a greenhouse or playhouse. And that angle-top door in the attic room would be a great door for a garden shed or chicken house.

    I saw parts of some of the other teardowns there about 2 months ago. I remember seeing the stainless steel countertop, marble, and custom bathroom cabinets from one teardown.

    I may have to check back to see if that angle-top door makes it to the ReStore. I’ll design a shed just around that door.

  • Thats just crazy.

  • I go by the pictured house every day on my way to work. It’s a beauty. Sad to see it go!

  • Mindless. Cannot even imagine what is going to take its place to justify such an expensive teardown… gotta be another offensive lot-hugger.

  • I always went out of my way to drive down Pine Valley. Lovely homes. Nouveau riche know no shame.