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  • Woah.. Walgreens right next door to CVS.. Now that’s creativity!

    I’m not sad to see the old building go.. but please.. how’s about another bank? :)

  • Woah is right. So how does this bode for the existing strip center across 20th where the old Walgreens is along with Kroger, etc.? Would love to know what the plans are for that whole strip now that new Kroger is done and Walgreens seems to be going across the street. Anyone know?

  • So easy to tell an original 77018 property on sight – the huge front yard, the simple home and carport, the 50+ year old tree soon to be curb decor because the new house footprint will enable one to spit out the front door and hit the street….

  • I, too, want to know what’s gonna replace Kroger…and now the Walgreens space, as well.

    That Kroger is always busy. Surely someone can make a go of it selling groceries there even if they can’t sell beer. And combining the Kroger sq ft with Walgreens would make a nice big store.

    I wish I knew if anyone was even looking at it. Rice? Randalls? Foodarama?

  • I’m not sorry to see that dumpy Walgreens go, and that adjacent Kroger doesn’t even have self-checkout. Frankly, that whole strip center needs a face-lift.

    Does anyone know if the new Walgreens will be a prototype store, or did they have to make some exterior design changes to appease the Historic District, similar to CVS?

  • The real value of the old dumpy Kroger is that it is within walking distance of two multi-story apartment buildings for lower income senior citizens. Many, maybe most do not drive. The loss of a grocery will be a huge loss for them.