Daily Demolition Report: Hazard a Stomp

1921 Hazard St., Hyde Park Main, Montrose, Houston

Live in the moment. Demolish in between.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1921 Hazard St.: NuHabitat

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  • Wow, that Hazard place is biting the dust eh? Amazing… With the price of land, I can’t believe it’s profitable to buy an existing (nice) place and knock it down. I realize new homes are selling for $$ and they cram them in, but man — the cost basis for the land on each one is tremendous.

  • That place on Hazard is listed at $325,000. Practically giving it away. Makes me wonder if an investor is selling it at a loss to a construction company he owns. I doubt things like that ever happen.

  • That’s expensive land $119per sq ft ($325,000/2,720 sq ft).

  • That list price is from July 2009. Actual sale price was $315k back then (figures from Redfin website). I lived next door to it until a couple weeks ago. The owner is a developer and he plans to build one or two units.