Daily Demolition Report: House Most Likely

4714 Imogene St., Meyerland

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

All done up then all torn down.



Photo of 4714 Imogene St. 77096: HAR

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  • What is wrong with people. The house on Imogene is incredible. Why tear it down?

  • The Imogene house is a beauty, but it may have flooded. It’s in one of the Meyerland “bathubs” formed by noise-reduction walls alongside the 610 feeder.

  • @Martindell–I’m sure it flooded last year during Memorial Day, and raising the foundation is cost-prohibitive. So sadly, another great mid-century home bites the dust.

  • I’m wondering when the photos in the HAR sold listing were actually taken — I’d almost guess they were from 2012 when it was last sold, as was the copy language. I’m curious if they sold it off market/off HAR because I doubt the wording would have been so design rah rah if it was the listing for a flooded/remediated house. Damn shame. Sold valuation is for the lot. No ownership change on HCAD yet since 2012…

  • Such a shame about the house at 4714 Imogene, pictured above. That home and backyard were beautiful.

    Sadly, the houses on Imogene St got three feet of flood water in them. I found the Zillow listing of the house next door to the one in the photo. That house was 4710 Imogene Street and the Zillow photo gallery showed all the interior sheetrock removed in an attempt at remodeling. The height of the water seemed to have reached the tops of the bathroom counters. And now that house at 4710 Imogene will be torn down for a new home.