Daily Demolition Report: Hungry’s Gets Hungry

Chow time in the Rice Village — and these spots around town:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 745 Rutland St.: HAR

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  • What’s going on at Hungry’s? I haven’t been for awhile, but the building didn’t seem like it was in need of being torn down and replaced

  • mmmm… I used to love Hungry’s. I really need to get out of Montrose more. :)

  • What nottinghamed said. The last time I was in Hungry’s (about a year-and-a-half ago), it was totally packed. Are they moving? Expanding? Going under?

  • I pass by Hungry’s every day. They recently took over the property next to it and expanded their parking lot. The old house that was on the property looks like it is being demolished or refurbished … can’t tell at this stage.

  • No clues on Hungry’s web site. Maybe they want to replace the structure with something purpose-built, like at their Memorial location.

  • Another great bungalow(in pic)going down. Maybe the feng shui was all wrong.

  • As I understand it, Hungry’s is expanding, and the current structure doesn’t meet their needs…

  • Ate at Hungry’s the other day and it looks like they salvaged the brick and are about to tear down the old house. I’m sure they’ll be expanding their structure as it looks like they’ll have a good amount of parking now.

  • um.. we are NOT tearing down our adorable Hawthorne bungalow built in 1920. the demo is for the garage, which is a hazard and needs to come down. swamplot needs to get their story straight!!!

  • I *heart* Hawthorne

  • I nominate Monica for comment of the day. Nice house, by the way – it looks very comfy and inviting.

  • @Monica: Thanks for helping us get the story straight! The info for these demo reports comes straight from the city’s public database, which makes no mention of a garage in the demo permit for 1507 Hawthorne. We’ll certainly take your word for it that the house isn’t coming down — but if it matters, you might want to check with the city to make sure there weren’t any additional errors in how your permit was recorded. We’ve replaced the photo at the top of the post as well. Nice house!