Daily Demolition Report: Idylwood Hat Trick

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Welcome to another terrific week of destruction here on Swamplot! So much to share with you:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 2803 Prescott St.: HAR

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  • I follow your Daily Demo Report. I hope that Idylwood house is not really being torn down.
    I thought it was odd though, that one of the ads running next to it was for demo contractors. Those Google ads sneak in all kinds of stuff.
    Love your blog.

  • Does anyone who posts disapprovingly about homes to be demolished ever try to find out WHY a home is being torn down?

    The ten houses in Idylwood, 6 along N. Macgregor, 2 on Wildwood and 2 on Park Ln were all heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike.

    Most all those houses have been hit numerous times, not the least of which was Allison. Those homes were right on Brays Bayou. Come on folks, some of the homeowners hated to sell to FEMA but it was either that or jump through impossible hoops to raise the homes’ foundations.

    True, there’s been a lot of improvement to the bayou but who knows if those improvements will be effective when the next flood hits?

    Not everyone chose to take the buyout.

  • ^Good point – and I know the 1500 block had many Ike damaged homes but not sure about the 1944 N. MacGregor house (though it’s only a few block away from the others).

    That being written, I do follow demolitions and try to find out reasons and more often than not the reason is to replace a house that is “too small” or “not modern enough.”

  • I agree that there are too many tear downs to put up the sometimes ugly monsters that do not fit in a neighborhood but in these cases, those lots can never be built upon again.

    Also, the house at 1944 was in a particularly low end of the street and had sustained repeated water damage over the years.

    The houses at 1405 and 1955 N. Macgregor had been demolished following Allison. They were on the bayou side of the street.

    If you look at a street map, Wildwood, Park and N. Macgregor form a U shape and was especially hard hit during Ike.

    There are other homes along that stretch that were extensively damaged but the owners chose to repair. I’ve heard that some are having difficulty securing insurance now. There is at least one that is still unoccupied.