Daily Demolition Report: If You Go Down to Hammond, You’ll Never Come Back

And other lessons from the school of hard knocks.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 5018 Tangle Ln.: HAR

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  • http://www.har.com/HomeValue/5018-Tangle-Lane-Houston-TX-77056-M51368614.htm#

    So, there should be a new category of swampies this year for the most Dickensian residential teardown of the year. The 1940 Mediteranean mansion on Willowick would be the hands down winner but for a claim of mold damage that could not be remediated. The Tangle Ln house might be able to make up the gap in price paid for a tear down due to the fact that the Tangle Ln house is only 21 years old. Poor thing just stopped having to use a fake ID to get into bars and is now getting the wrecking ball.

  • FYI, it’s not the whole of the First Presby that’s going, just one small building on the north side of Oakdale opposite the sanctuary and across Travis from the parking lot. The building was crunched and the machinery was sitting on top when I was over there Monday night.

  • Goodbye, King Biscuit!

  • Oops, goodbye KB deck.

    On a more serious note, WTF with Tangle Lane? Do the rich people have nothing better to do than buy 20-year-old million dollar houses and knock them down?

  • What is ‘UH Hammond’ building right there? Anybody know? Isn’t a new Taco Bell going across the street?

  • It looks like the demos east of UH are to make way for a ‘Scott Street Gardens’. Must be for student housing? Or a row of new townhomes? Cannot find out who is ‘UH Hammond’.

  • Nevermind, I see the Taco Bell is supposed to go at 3349 Adair.

  • King Biscuit has been gone for a year and a half now, and it isn’t coming back. Hopefully you’ve said your goodbyes long ago.

  • I have to give props for a Roches reference! Your efforts were not in vain!