Daily Demolition Report: It’s Over on Snover

1605 Monarch Oaks St., Monarch Oaks, Houston

Goodbye, Skylane Central — and a tour of other breakups around town. From some real homewreckers.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1605 Monarch Oaks St.: NuHabitat

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  • Oh no. 317 Snover. One of the last of the great hold outs in Rice Military. Great house on a nice big lot.

  • Anytime a Skylane Apt. complex bites the dust and ANGEL GET THEIR WINGS.

  • Agreed, Old School. That’s a beautiful, big old house on a lovely corner lot. What a shame.

  • It was bought a few years back and hasn’t been a “Skylane” for some time. With few exceptions, SKylane pretty much died out 4 years ago.