Daily Demolition Report: Kernel Failure

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Let’s knock them down 2 by 2.



Photo of 1210 1/2 Tulane St.: HAR

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  • I believe the term is ‘kernel panic’ (to Mac users, anyway).

  • Exit Sandman

  • It looks like someone bought up 1210 and 1212 Tulane st., is demoing the garage apartments and now selling off 1212 and building new construction on 1210.

  • I noticed that too. It seems odd to me that the listing last month for the combined Tulane properties only appeared on MLS when it was Pending. It appeared to be priced low then ($450K) and high now ($688K combined). Was the original owner misrepresented as how to best optimize his property or is it just seller beware?