Daily Demolition Report: Lampasas with the Rest of Them

Look what we’ve got roasting on the spit now. Tasty!



Photo of 5461 Lampasas St.: HAR

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  • YES!!!! Another day in Houston, another disgusting shack in Tanglewood comes down. What were the kings of industry thinking 50 years ago when they built 4500 square foot ranch houses on half acre lots, not realizing their folly? That what this area truly called for was various forms of European-inspired grandeur that would cover the vast majority of the lot, and all to encompass a charming running trail there to mask a pipeline easement.

    Oh, and these homeowners have every right to do it, by the way. Mazal Tov.

  • Man, I actually used to live in that house when I was in university.

    After I paid my deposit and moved in, my room mate told me some dude was murdered there and showed me the stains in the garage.

    I don’t know if that’s true. However, it had a crazy expensive electric bill for only 2 bedrooms.