Daily Demolition Report: Leap Day Damages

3011 Ella Lee Ln., Avalon Place

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

A 1936 River Oaks area home and a high school temporary building are just a couple of a dozen on the list this extra February day.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3011 Ella Lee Ln.: HAR

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  • What is wrong with people? The house on Ella Lee will just go into the dumpster and for what? So some nouveau rich can build a stucco monster. That is a lovely home that seems to be very much up to date. Some fools with too much money to spend…

  • http://www.har.com/3011-ella-lee-lane/sold_82775847 Real. Shame. This house had a ton a character and it looks like many of the rooms had relatively modern remodeling done. It was already 4,000 sq ft, but I suppose they can get a 6,000-8,000 sq ft house on the 11,000 sq ft lot and still meet their street stand off restrictions… Please no stucco.

  • That façade has beautiful brickwork. Too bad. I’m sure the replacement will be some crappy EIFS stucco.

  • Ugh. That home was stunning. I haven’t seen it hit Swamplot yet (or missed it if it did), but this cool Bellaire house (on Bellaire near Evelyn’s Park site) with a detached garage and cottage was just demo’d: http://www.har.com/4314-bellaire-blvd/sold_8024910

    I was sure it was old, but turns out it was built in 1990 and designed by Mark Mucasey. Seemed to be in impeccable condition, and now it’s gone. The buyer paid $1.5 million-ish for the lot. Same as the Ella Lee. I drove by this one almost every day on the way to Whole Foods and hated to see it go.

  • I can see how it’d be scraped. The rooms are tasteful and humanly scaled.