Daily Demolition Report: Left Center


A Hollywood ending on Montrose Blvd., and other meal finishes:


Commercial Structures


Photo of Hollywood Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant, 2409 Montrose Blvd.: Swamplot inbox

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  • Posters of comments at Swamplot! I love Swamplot’s articles and information on our great city, and really appreciate the insights (and humor) from you posters. I have purchased some lots for investment, but am admittedly an amateur . . . can you suggest a site for advice? For example, I need to hire someone to clear my lots, dispose of tires (that the City says they will pick up, but never has), change incorrect information on HCAD, protest the taxes, approach adjacent lot owners about their interest in selling to me, etc. and at a loss as to where to begin. Any advice on helpful websites would be greatly appreciated.


  • Robert, it’s largely learn as you go round here. Post your contact info, and we can see what we can solve.

  • Robert: Those jobs are done by totally different people.
    1) Tires: Craigslist (labor/gigs is your friend)
    2) HCAD: Hire someone to protest taxes. There are 100 companies that do it. They will for a % of the taxes saved (normally ~25%). They can likley guild you though the process of fixing any errors
    3) Buying adjacent land: Look up owners on hcad, and smile&dial. That’s how I’ve bought many of my deals. Or, hire a broker to contact them if you think after initial contact you’d like help with contracts anyway. They’ll do it for a fee base or % base.
    Good luck!

  • Thanks Matthew and Cody! I believe the 5th Ward has such huge potential being so close to downtown, it seems a shame it’s been so overlooked . . . at least for now (that’s what I’m betting on). I appreciate the info. and comments not only here but on other articles.

    Swamplot rocks!