Daily Demolition Report: Let Them Eat Cake

Making way for lots with a lot more:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3868 Olympia Dr.: HAR

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  • River Oaks is disappearing again. Driving along Del Monte between Shepherd and Kirby makes me sad. About half of the original homes have now been replaced by tacky lot busters. Even worse, a lot of the mature plantings have disappeared as well. I guess everyone needs 6 bedrooms, quarters, 4 car garages, media rooms, wine “cellars,” game rooms, home offices, grand entryways and more. keeping up with the Joneses.

  • Now THAT is a cool listing photo!

  • I always knew 3868 Olympia was on borrowed time. It looks even more out of place than even the massive tuscan manors.

  • They wasted no time on 1301, the heavy equipment was out there this morning knocking it down.

  • What kind of monstrocity do they have planned for the Del Monte lots? Has no one ever heard of downsizing?

  • Heck, invest in an edit function. MONSTROSITY.

  • Another sign a property is being marketed as a tear down: when the listing photos have a copy of the survey, but no interior shots.

  • miss_msry, “monstrocity” is exactly the word: monstrous construction taking over the city.