Daily Demolition Report: Lightning Round

Demolition of Westcreek at River Oaks Apartments, Bldg. A, 2020 Westcreek Ln., Houston

In today’s removals: Hines clears a block in the Museum District, more Westcreek Apartment knock-offs, and an amusing disappearance at Bill’s Trailer Park.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 2020 Westcreek Ln., Bldg. A: Loves Swamplot

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  • Writing this from my apartment in Westcreek Building E (Highland Terrace)… There’s going to be a problem if they start bulldozing my bedroom. I think you meant Building C.

  • @Mike Richardson: Would like to be able to say that was our mistake, but Building E is what the city permit report says.

  • If you leave your apartment today Mike, you’d better take everything you own with you. Just in case.

  • Really sad to see Westcreek go. I’m sure the River Oaks Disrtict will be cool, but I have some really good memories of this place. My first serious boyfriend lived there; man was he hot. His old apartment isn’t in this block being ripped down, but I’m sure its days are numbered.

  • Will have to drive by to see the changes. The old apartment buildings were still standing when I rode my bike by this morning.

  • I got kicked out of my apartment there over a year and a half ago. I must have been in phase 1. Man I miss the cheap rent…I had a nice 2 bedroom 1000 sqft for 950/mo. Now I’m all grown up with a mortgage at more than double that.

  • 2220 Westcreek Ln (aka Building E, or Highland Terrace), is not being torn down at this time. The city is wrong. Building A and C have had asbestos abatement, building E has not. A and C are where the new office tower is going; E is owned by a residential developer that is not planning to tear it down until 2015.