Daily Demolition Report: Lost Goodhope

3618 Goodhope St., South End, Houston

We put our lives and faith into them, only to see them collapse under the weight of our presumptions.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3618 Goodhope St.: HAR

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  • OK, I am wondering why Goodhope is being demolished ….

  • Since we already coined “humpalow” – can the building pictured be called a “boob-alow”?

  • Wow, we’re demoing buildings that are only 7 years old now?

    Just looked up the Goodhope demo, and the permit appears to be for a dangerous building demo of a single-family dwelling. 3618 Goodhope is a duplex, and it’s still in the “pending continue to show” status. Let’s hope the permit was issued for the correct address, or else two families are in for a rude surprise.

  • Whatever we call that style of construction, why is it being torn down already?

  • Check out the 2nd picture in the HAR gallery for Goodhope property – it’s a picture of the property across the street, and it looks familiar for some reason. . .

  • 4 Realz… Goodhope house built in 2007

  • 3621 Goodhope appears to be a real shithole, so hopefully that’s what actually gets demolished.

  • @matx—the Extreme Home Makeover place, right? Whatever happened to that show?

  • “dangerous building”. for when the city wants your building gone.

  • Streetview is all wacky.