Daily Demolition Report: Lost Our Place

2158 Chilton Rd., River Oaks, Houston

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Now destroying: A tree house, some apartments, and a “tin” barn that helped put Houston on the art map.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 2158 Chilton Rd.: HAR

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  • Oh, River Oaks.

  • Click through to Chilton on the HAR link (at the bottom). Check out the piano room.

  • The Rosedale Circle one is odd. I wonder what they’d build there. Why not just buy one of the several (cheap) empty lots?

  • The sixth picture of the HAR listing for the demoed house on Chilton is interesting.

  • There are a number of houses in River Oaks I wouldn’t mind seeing bulldozed (anyone seen images of the Arnold’s Noah’s Ark of a house) but this one certainly isn’t one of them. This house was designed to fit the neighborhood and the dimensions of the lot in a thoughtful way, no doubt the coming McMansion will swallow the lot whole with one big gulp. You can always tell the original RO homes, they are built with style, taste, and an adherence to the idea with you don’t want the house to overwhelm the lot, I’m afraid many parts of RO are starting to look like the awful areas of West U, where you have McMansion crammed onto a lot that was plotted for a small cottage. It’s a bit like a fat woman, after her first Jenny Craig meal, trying to wedge herself into a pair of size Zero jeans–not a pretty picture.

  • That “man-in-the-corner” is one of those fiberglas models. They usually have an outstretched hand with palm-up that you can place business cards, after-dinner mints, or a drink. I’ve seen them dressed as French maids, harlequin clowns, movie stars, etc. They are not inexpensive toys, and they are quite life-like. This particular one in the music room of a River Oaks property is, as others have said, an interesting choice.

  • I’m not understanding this new fascination with the piano room guy. We’ve seen this home before.

  • The Chilton home is so beautiful! It looks wonderfully cared for and I’m sad to see it go. I suppose it could use a few updates here and there, but it looks clean & pristine and shouldn’t warrant a complete demo. I wonder what kind of cheap, over-sized boxy home they will throw up in its place…