Daily Demolition Report: Marq*E Mark

A funky bunch of buildings gets ready to strip down:


Commercial Structures


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  • Wasnt there a blog a year or two ago about a huge remodel at marqe? they wanted to change how it appears from I10 or something….

  • The Marq*E remodel essentially opens up the inwardly focused center portion of the complex(which always had trouble retaining tenants) by removing part of the northern row of buildings so the southern row faces the parking lot. The tenants in the affected buildings are being relocated within the center. New site plan on the second page of this PDF: http://www.marqehouston.com/documents/MarqE%20Flier.pdf

  • Sorry — that should have said removing the southern row (the ones with their backs to IH10)so the northern row faces the parking lot.

  • I didn’t realize until just now that Magic Johnson’s group owns this. They also recently acquired Hotel Icon.

  • Is Todai leaving? The pic has it next to Drink, but the site plan has the space as available?

  • It looks like Todai is going bye bye.

  • Drink’s sign is off the front. Guess the new space opens up on the backside.
    The new location for the Improv looks close to being ready.

  • I’m amazed they’re only tearing down the garage at the Parkwood home. Whoever lived there previously spent (what looked like) 40 years actively neglecting that house. I’m not even sure how one could ‘actively’ neglect something. But they did it.

    Great bones, though. Hope somebody fixes it up tastefully.