Daily Demolition Report: Milking Dairy Ashford

2023 Cortlandt St., Houston Heights

For what it’s worth: Good, strong lots are the backbone of a healthy society.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2023 Cortlandt St.: HAR

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  • Shaking my damned head. If only my house looked that nice.

  • Everything about the Cortlandt house is perfect as far as I’m concerned. The floors are gorgeous and I love the wall detail between LR and DR. And those built-ins!!! I don’t even hate the kitchen. RIP, beauty.

  • How do you say goodbye in Chinese…buffet?

  • Excluding the ugly kitchen, I like the house. It needs a new driveway, fence, and landscaping to make it complete.

  • Shame about that Courtlandt house. Shame about the kitchen too, but that’s no reason to tear it down.

  • I noticed a huge lot has been cleared with eastern frontage along Commonwealth…..might be a whole square block. Townhouse project?

  • Note to self: win lottery. Buy cottages

  • 2023 Cortlandt is being deconstructed by Historic Houston.. so cheers for that, but even with the 80s kitchen, that is a damn shame. Block is too ritzy now with McMansions to leave room for common bungalows I guess.