Daily Demolition Report: Oats Meal

1022 Fisher St., Oak Forest, Houston

Always easier to digest when it’s broken down into smaller pieces.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1022 Fisher St.: HAR

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  • 5207 Austin is going down? Thank goodness. Driving by that mess, you couldn’t help but feel that some creature was lurking in the overgrown bushes/trees. Does anyone know what the plan is? I’m sure Asia Society is happy to see it go.

  • Which is scarier, 5207 Austin or 3015 Fuqua?

  • Great news for Museum Park. I hope whomever purchased 5207 Austin got a good deal. It’ll take some work to clean it up, but it’s a pretty good spot (unless perhaps the Asia Society is throwing a party and has trucks unloading right outside your front door).