Daily Demolition Report: Out of Groceries

Let us toast these standout Houston structures, soon to be toast:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 5222 Poinciana Dr.: HAR

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  • LAME. My husband and I were interested in that Poinciana house.

  • The house at 1426 West 23rd was loaded up on a truck and taken to parts unknown about 2 weeks ago. The only demo work done was the garage.

  • Yeah, I can’t see much wrong with that Poinciana house. Shame to see it go.

  • That Poinciana house is the first house in Mangum Manor to be torn down, so that the lot can be used for new construction. This must mean that prices in Mangum Manor are headed up. The lot is a great lot, as it backs to the park and is on a good street.