Daily Demolition Report: Out with the Gables of Inwood

Ten dangerous buildings and a pool, plus more. Goodbye!


Commercial Structures


Photo of Gables of Inwood Apartments: Matt Stiles

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  • Any word on what will come up, yet?

  • Glad to see more trashy derelicts being slated for razing in the area. The past few months have been pretty productive!

  • A friend of mine lives at 1204 Stanford. I’ve not been inside, but I wouldn’t consider it derelict. It’s a 1923 brick bungalow in liveable condition.

    I wonder where she’s going to live now?

    What I hate most about the McMansions and gentrification of Montrose (and other neighborhoods) is the pushing out of the very people who made the neighborhood what it is and gave it it’s color and character.