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  • Yes! 77018 is back on the list!

  • Ready? OKAY!!


    Lick & stick, lick & stick, RAH RAH RAH!!!

    Nails in street? Kiss Mel’s….feet! RAH RAH RAH!!!

    One house complies thirteen faux styles RAH RAH RAH!!!

    Your ranch house floods? He’ll buy the studs! RAH RAH RAH!!!

    6-week build, hurricane, roof lift claim!!!!

    GO CODE 18!!

  • I love that Mel Reyna is able to work with builders to knock down those ugly old house in Oak Forest. My partner and I live in a new one and can’t wait until our neighborhood is just like Braeswood Place and West U. If only we could get those houses on Ella zoned as commercial or town houses. No one will build new house on that crazy hot mess street.

  • Hey, my handyman who lives in OF is right there with you, SCW80 – he is ALWAYS getting calls for something screwing up in the the new houses! His favorite so far is the windowsill that tilted TOWARD the house instead of AWAY. Quite a party for the homeowners a couple of weeks ago!